We're no goldsmiths, but we like to have the same freedom of creating jewelry according to demand and in interaction with our costumers. We design classic jewelry and handpick loose gemstones that is custom shaped and cutted to fit our jewelry designs only. Some natural stones vary much in color and have beautiful unique patterns, so when you've placed your order, you will get to choose your very own!

We set each stone by hand with a two-component epoxy resin glue from Swarovski®. This is a high-performance system exclusively distributed by Swarovski® for professional use within the jewelry segmentIt is a sustainable gluing system that fulfills high claims regarding environmental- and health protection for both the consumer and the manufacturer. 

If you're looking for a special kind of stone or color, let us know! We buy small batches of each stone, and if we get several requests on one stone, we will start the design process. 

Some stones are limited editions and some will stay for long. Have you found your favorite yet?