Our story begins in our early 20s when we met in a small warehouse in the northern archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden. Little did we know where this meeting would lead up to...

We became a part of a small team in the early stage of one of Swedens today most well known design & jewelry brand. Because the company was so young, we were able to work close to the founders, really learning by doing. Here we found each other like soul mates with the common passion - color.
We loved to work with store- and storefront styling. This was our true element. But it wasn’t just playing with shapes and colors and making the store look attractive that drove us. It was especially to help each costumer to find their personal style, to see them shine and feel beautiful, that we really loved. 

We grew with the company and got the best education of how to go from idea to finished product. We feel truly lucky to have had the opportunity to work side by side with amazing artists and entrepreneurs through the years. 

After some time we went our own ways to explore our own creativity. Then in the early summer of 2018 something funny happened. We started to bump in to each other everywhere; At the bus, coffee shop, the recycling station, in a short period of time. So we decided, lets have a glass of wine and talk...

"What if you could pick your own stone for your jewelry, like at a jeweler, but to an affordable price? A world of gemstones with different colors, cuts and shapes that matches any personal style"

...And in that moment VOULANG was born.
We fell in love with the word 'volang' in Swedish, which is a flowy and wavy piece of garment that has been worn by women in all times. To us it symbolizes:

Femeninity. Energy. Playfullness.

We're here to share our color expertise on how to make your personal jewelry wardrobe the absolute best!

VOU VOU / Sara & Alex