Our jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver and 925 Sterling Silver with 18K gold plating. 100% nickel free.

Gold plated silver:
To preserve the gold plating you should avoid contact with fragrances, lotions, rough surfaces, cleaning products and chemicals. 
Remove your jewelry before you shower, swimming, exercises and going to bed. Keep it in a dry place when you’re not wearing it. The gold plating will naturally wear off over time, revealing the silver beneath. The durability of the gold plating depends on how you take care of your jewelry.


Sterling Silver:
We have chosen to use pure 925 sterling silver without Rhodium plating because we think that silver only becomes more beautiful as it ages. Silver can react to various substances causing it to oxidize/darken. If your jewelry has oxidized we advise you to use this method for chains and hoops: Silver cleaning with baking soda (watch video) and for rings, pendants and charms with gemstones: Use our Polishing ClothSilver jewelry that is not used and stored together with other metals or in a humid environment will oxidize faster. When you’re not wearing the jewelry, we recommend you to store it separate from other jewelry in a closed fabric or plastic bag. This way you avoid oxidation of the jewelry.

Cleaning advice for silver & gold plated silver:
To keep the luster of your jewelry and your beautiful gemstone you’ll need to clean it now and then. We advise you to use warm water with dish soap. Gently rub the jewelry with your fingertips, rinse with cold water and wipe with a soft cloth - then use our Polishing Cloth.

Silver is a soft material that needs to be treated carefully and lovingly :)

We set your gemstone by hand. All gemstones has different hardness and structures but all are delicate and sensitive. Small knocks and scratches might damage them. Synthetic gems are more durable than Natural gems. Both can be cleaned by using warm water and dish soap, as our advise above.

Natural gemstones
Avoid contact with fragrances, lotions, rough surfaces, chemicals and avoid direct sunlight(for a longer time). Remove jewelry with a natural gemstone before you shower, swimming, exercises and going to bed. With a little love your gem will stay beautiful over time.💎 

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